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In your book (which I love btw) it says the book website has links to lab answers, I am unable to find that link. I'm not looking to cheat smilie I am just looking for the lab answers to check work and see if the way I thought about it was the way that you thought about it. I was hoping you could provide me with a link to the lab answers, thank you so much!
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Thanks so much for this post!

I'm embarrassed to say that the lab answers/hints are not available as of yet. Your post does prompt me to put this effort back on the front burner.

What chapter are you working on? I can start with that chapter, and build from there.

I'll post the URL to the lab answers in this thread, until I can coordinate with Manning to hang it off the book's web page.

Thank you again!
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Currently working on chapter 6. I really appreciate you working on this! Thank you for your awesome book!
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I have started the lab answers/hints document. A pointer to the PDF is at:


Please leave feedback in either this post, or in a new post. This version contains answers for Chapters 3 and 6. I will work towards getting more chapters covered.

Thanks, everyone, for your interest!

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Thank you for your extremely fast response to this! Answers look great and am looking forward to seeing other chapters in the future. Very much appreciate all the time and work you have put into this book