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Is there any work being done on this book? There has not been an update to this book in quite some time.
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I'm wondering about the same thing.
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Not sure if this book is being worked on or not anymore. Glad I only bought the eBook version and got 50% off. It has been over 3 years since I purchased and it's still not finished I question the author and if it will ever be done.
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I emailed Manning and asked about this a few months ago. They told me the book has not been cancelled. Not sure whats going on with its release. I wish something would be said either way.
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At this point I think anyone who invested in this book should be given a refund or be credited with a free MEAP BOOK.
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I would like to either see a.) an update shortly and a roadmap for how it will be finished if not practically done or b.) a voucher for an alternative MEAP (I'm not so bothered about a refund as I'll only buy another book anyway!)
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Same here.