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Consider the following navigation in ion-nav-view : State Root -> State A -> State B -> State C (Where "A" is not root state, it is also a intermediate state in nav-view).

Now, from "C", If i want to navigate back to parent "A", ionic nav-view is pushing the state as forward.
I'm at least able to change the navigation direction as back.

But, once it moved to "A", going back from "A" is taking to the state "C" and not to the actual state Root which is before "A".

I don't know what i'm missing. Though the navigation is to a parent state in the tree, why nav-view is considering it as a forward state-navigation ?

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I'm not entirely sure I can answer your question without an example, can you make a Codepen or Punklr with a stripped down version of your app that shows the particular issue? I can't be sure how you've structured the code and what you've called in order to make this occur.