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A major topic missing in your book is on 'debugging.' I have been going through the Go Web Development Course on Pluralsight which is very well done. Except the author does not address anything on debugging. I think your book is incomplete without teaching us how to get yourself out of trouble by using well-defined and practiced debugging techniques in Go. Even if it involves just using the standard Go Logger. Information on how to configure it and use it in an application is quite useful.

This is where Ruby on Rails shines, its log in development mode is almost like a book, and if you only take trouble to go through it, about 80 percent of problems can be figured out. For the other 20 percent, I go to 'Byebug' gem. A similar story exists in the Meteor world. Using Google Chrome developers tools on the Client and Node inspector on the server, it is quite easy to figure out what is going on.

I found that without logging, Go's HTTP package is quite useless in helping the developer's to locate bugs. Do you have any plans on addressing this issue?
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Thanks for the feedback! You're right in that logging is important in web applications. Go standard libraries has only basic logging capabilities though. I thought that itself doesn't warrant a full chapter and it's always a balance to figure out what should be in or out. I will think about it.
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Thanks for the info.