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I finally got a VM configured and was excited to start exploring the examples, only to realize that MVC2 is used in the Commerce example. At this point (VS 2015) it seems that converting would be pretty painful, involving multiple VS versions. More trouble than it's worth.

Any chance of a rewrite of that project towards the latest MVC? Seems like the book is otherwise still hugely helpful and that most readers would run into this issue at this point.

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I jumped to conclusions on the MVC2 part, based on looking up a GUID in an error message. After browsing the forum, readme, etc. I realize that it's 2010/MVC3. Still, an upgrade to the latest would be great since we're now a few versions away from the examples in their current form.
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Yes, I'm in the same boat. Is there any reasonable way to convert the example with VS2015 that anyone knows of?
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I have visual studio 2015 installed and I'm getting error messages like

"....project is incompatible with the current edition...."

Is there a way the example(s) can be run from Visual Studio 2015 ?