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When discussing Basic.Consume in section 5.1.2, the following interface is initially introduced in the example:

for message in rabbitpy.consume(<url>, 'test-messages')

(I haven't seen this documented in rabbitpy.readthedocs.org)

Further down, when talking about consumer-tag, the following interface is used instead:

for message in rabbitpy.Queue(channel, 'test-messages')

(aren't you missing the 'consume' part here?)

Then, starting section 5.2 you use the following:

for message in queue.consume_messages(no_ack=True)

(isn't this interface deprecated already in the latest rabbitpy?)

This is the interface I am currently using:

queue = rabbitpy.Queue(channel, 'test-messages')
for message in queue.consume()

which seems to be a fourth option!

Could you please clarify?