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In section 13.1.2 Building RabbitMQ of MEAP v12 there are some commands given to configure the development RabbitMQ for plugins. One of the commands sets up symlinks from the rabbitmq-server/plugins folder to the contents of the rabbitmq-management/dist folder thus:

ln -s rabbitmq-management/dist/*.ez rabbitmq-server/plugins/

After carrying out the above I found that the subsequent call to scripts/rabbitmq-plugins list failed to display any of the expected plugins. This was on Fedora 22. The only way that I could get the plugins list to show up was to remove the symlinks and actually copy the *.ez files from rabbitmq-management/dist into rabbitmq-server/plugins. Perhaps Gavin hit this issue as well? Immediately after the symlink instruction the MEAP text goes on to say, "With the plugins copied into the directory..."

Hope this helps,