Ozan Erdem (1) [Avatar] Offline
In this exercise (implementing top_ten) if feels like something is missing. Maybe the intention was to introduce
sort : Ord a => List a -> List a
before this point, and it was forgotten?

If that wasn't the intention, then it seems like this exercise is still doable, but it's not in the league of the remaining ones (they are just 1-2 liners).
Anonymous (122) [Avatar]
Good point, thanks! An earlier draft did have sort, and it is intended for the exercise, so I'll change the exercise to make it clear that's what you need to do.
Edwin Brady (66) [Avatar] Offline
(Sorry, that was me answering, just forgot to log in first!)
Ilya Yanok (16) [Avatar] Offline
Seems like what we really need here is sortBy...

UPD. Ah, ok... nevermind, I think I missed that reserve was already introduced at this point.