martin.evans (25) [Avatar] Offline
Shouldn't the resistor in schematic be in series not parallel
Vlad Trifa (16) [Avatar] Offline
Hello - yes obviously smilie We just changed this, so will be corrected in the next book update! Thank you!
Rich E (10) [Avatar] Offline
Um, I don't know "obviously", I'm a web programmer, not an electrical engineer (yet).

I copied the code directly, and my light still isn't doing anything. Is it my setup?
Rich E (10) [Avatar] Offline
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Ah. Had to look it up and hope I didn't burn out any LEDs. Here's an image for anyone in the future for the proper setup.
domguinard (69) [Avatar] Offline
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Thanks, Rich you are right it isn't THAT obvious (proof: we managed to get it wrong smilie). We did correct this already but there is no MEAP release before the final release which will happen real soon!

Thanks for the picture btw, I'm adding the corrected figure as an attachment here to make sure we are not responsible for blowing too many LEDs smilie