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On page 22 of the most recent pdf version (in section 2.2.1) you discuss the call command and footnote 4 says

Earlier version of gnuplot used the special tokens #0 through #9. That syntax is now depreciated

The earlier versions used $0 through $9. I suspect that the point you are trying to make is that the numbering has changed and are not addressing the symbol change, but I feel that it could be misleading to use the number symbol/hashmark there (which would indicate a comment) instead of the dollar sign that was actually used. I think it should be changed to Earlier versions of gnuplot used the special tokens $0 through $9.

I may be the only person that sees that as a possible point of confusion, but thought it should be mentioned.
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Many thanks for pointing this out - this was entirely my oversight.

It has been fixed in the final version of the manuscript.