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In listing 4.7 you have the code as follows

    housesNameId: function(){
        return HousesCollection.find({}, {});
    // Returns selected if the _id for current processed house equals that stored inside the Session variable
    isSelected: function(){
        return Session.equals('selectedHouseId', this._id) ? 'selected' : '';
   // Remember to pass the event as an argument so the function can assign the selection value to the Session variable
   'change #selectHouse': function(evt){
       Session.set('selectedHouseId', evt.currentTarget.value);

Now on Figure 4.6 you have a picture of the browser console with the follow code submitted.

Session.set("selectedHouse", " *Session Key ID* ")

Shouldn't the session name be 'selectedHouseId' when running it in the browser console.

Thought I should point it out before it gets officially published
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Thanks, will take care of the fix.