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I have several comments on this section:

1. I would leave out 'But' in the title and just title it 'What is Docker Good for?' cause it does not become immediately clear that the title paraphrases a quote from people asking about docker. This becomes clear in the following paragraph anyway.

2. Order of advantages. I would order it by the advantages you get from starting simple (just using dockerfiles) to getting more complex docker set-ups.
for example:

1. PROTOTYPING SOFTWARE (that is docker installed and using docker run image from public hub)
2. DOCUMENTING SOFTWARE DEPENDENCIES AND TOUCHPOINTS (writing your own dockerfile docker build)
3. PACKAGING SOFTWARE (having build image, export or push to hub for distributing to others)
4. ENABLING FULL-STACK PRODUCTIVITY WHEN OFFLINE (all software you need for you app developemnt in your box = future or existing production box)
5. REDUCING DEBUGGING OVERHEAD (having your app-stack, the env is then equal for all team members, lowers bugs due to broken library deps.., a solution found once applies equally to all after rebuild dockered app-stack)
6. ENABLING A MICROSERVICES ARCHITECTURE (having your stack in place docker eases to break you architecture in as many micro-services pieces as you wish, while still keeping the full stack consistent)
7. MODELLING NETWORKS (now you can also set-up a complicated stack with a lot of networks wiring)
8. ENABLING CONTINUOUS DELIVERY (now you can also do CD with some additional tooling)

9. REPLACES VIRTUAL MACHINES (VMS) (does not really fit in my proposed logic)

3. Specific comments:

REPLACES VIRTUAL MACHINES (VMS): not necessarily and not really. E.g. docker on windows and macs require you to install VM.... Also from production perspective there are many good arguments for always running dockers in VMs... I would consider to not make this argument. Maybe instead run many different stacks in one box without conflicting installs updates, much easier transfer of Docker Images (much smaller) than full VMS

PACKAGING SOFTWARE: "think Java, without the need for a JVM" is plain wrong. Docker Daemon is the JVM, without that no docker... Maybe in near future runC as still kind of JVM)

MODELLING NETWORKS: Maybe re-title to Modelling Distributed Systems (I think that is a more clearer selling point)

Sorry for short wording, hope I could make my points clear enough.

I really like what I have read so far!

Ian Miell (17) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Renzo,

Thanks so much for the feedback! We'll be sure to consider them in the next revision.

Thanks also for your kind comments.