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Thanks for this great book!

In 10.4.1, my meteor server logs tell me "publish null".... I can see that the upload is working, the BASE64 string is going into the database without errors.

But I don't see the picture on the page.....

And I don't see any subscription active (I'm using Meteor Toys to look at subscriptions)

I have looked through the code and I don't see any instance of


So as far as I can tell, the reason that the subscription is not active is because we are not putting the ID of file into the session, so the session can not ask the publication for the correct file.

I've copied and pasted the entire code directly from the book.

Oh, and also, in this example and in previous examples the authors seemed to have left out the fact that you need to call the templates themselves in the <body> section, for example:
{{> upload}} 
  {{> file}}
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There are some code lines left out for brevity in the book. Have a look at the code in the github repo to understand how it works.