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Is it possible to follow this book with any language/webframework of our choosing. -Or will you be using something uniquely about Python/Django ? Aside from the TemplateEngine..
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The purpose of the book is to teach recommender systems, to do that best, I wanted to create a website to take the reader on a tour of all the parts of a fully functional recommender system.

The book is not about python or Django, those are just means to provide the content, so you wont find any code or tricks that will work only in Python or with Django. I worked with ASP.NET for many years and there is nothing in the book that cant be translated to ASP.NET MVC.

That said I still have quite a bit of the book to write, and I think I might end up using some of the Python libraries, which are good to manipulate numbers. But when that happens it will be explained in detail what is going on, and should also be able to "hand-code" everything.

Hope that answers your question.
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Hi !
He have demo source code (User-based filtering,Item-based filtering) ASP.NET MVC. sent to thanhthinhcntt@gmail.com. thank you very much !
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I am afraid I don't have any demo code in C#. The Python code should be pretty straightforward, so I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to translate.

If you do translate it, please share a link to the repo, would love to see it.