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367986 (6) [Avatar] Offline
In section 1.3.2 Why gnuplot, on page 10 you mention that gnuplot is

- Available on all three commonly used platforms: Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac OS X.

I think that you should mention Android as a separate platform that it is also available on. Although linux is behind the scenes in Android it is quite far behind the scenes. By the time your book has been in print for long Android will be the most used operating system on the planet (since most people will have mobile phones and tablets running android). It will also show that people can quite happily use gnuplot on any device.

For example, I am typing this on my Samsung galaxy tab 4 (7 inch) and I have "droidplot" installed (available from the play store). It runs in a terminal and works exactly like the desktop version.

I teach several sections of statistics and I am planning on introducing them to gnuplot. Many of them will likely use their tablets or phones - running android. *** none of them will realize that when you say it works on linux/unix that android is included in that statement. It isn't something most android users know, or need to know.

Anyway, hope this was a useful comment. I just want to see more people using gnuplot and I think your book is the best one out there.

warm regards,

philipp.janert (286) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the heads-up; that is indeed very interesting.

At the same time: what version of gnuplot is "droidplot" based on?
It doesn't seem to say explicitly on the website, but all the files are
three years old. That's pretty out-of-date. Or am I missing something?

Using the upcoming edition of my book together with a version of
gnuplot that is several years old is likely to be very frustrating, because
many of the most exciting features are not going to work.
367986 (6) [Avatar] Offline
I have attached a screenshot of the gnuplot window when I click on droidplot.

If a different version is required we could contact the developer and get him to update it.

I will also attach the "plot sin(x)" screenshot.
367986 (6) [Avatar] Offline
I should also mention that in order to install droidplot you must first install a terminal emulator which is also freely available on google play.
philipp.janert (286) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks. Version 4.6 is indeed rather significantly out of date -
in particular if we take into account that the reason for the
preparation of the 2nd ed of the book was the release of
gnuplot 5.0!

I can include Android as a platform on which gnuplot is "available",
although it does not (at this time) appear to be "actively supported".
367986 (6) [Avatar] Offline
Sounds good. I think it would be a good idea to mention it since more and more companies are making their programs available for android (for example Octave, LaTeX, etc. and I am sure Maple will arrive shortly) and your book would remain current (for example if someone google searches for "gnuplot android" it might be nice if your book came up in the list of results.) In fact, we could update it ourselves. Droidplot is open source so anyone could contribute to development. I could even go there and update it to gnuplot 5.0 without too much work. Here is the github site with all the source code:
367986 (6) [Avatar] Offline
One last thing I should mention is that Octave for android also has a gnuplot addon package which I have installed. It is version 4.6.0-8.
philipp.janert (286) [Avatar] Offline
I don't know how much work it would be to port gnuplot 5 to Android.
A common problem with such ports is the availability of required libraries.

The best group of people for this kind of suggestion is the gnuplot developer
team. You will find contact information on the gnuplot home page at
367986 (6) [Avatar] Offline
Okay thanks. I will just wait and use 5.0 when the various android folks upgrade. Usually doesn't take long. I assume I can still read your new edition even without 5.0? In any case, back to the original point, my suggestion is Linux/Unix/Android instead of just Linux/Unix. Your choice obviously, I have no stake in the matter either way. Just trying to be helpful by responding to request for comments. Warm regards, Terry Pilling.
philipp.janert (286) [Avatar] Offline
The new edition assumes that you are using gnuplot 5.0 or later.
Most everything applies to earlier versions, but of course you have
to be prepared for differences or missing features in earlier versions
of the software.

Your point regarding other platforms is well taken, and I should make
a note to that effect.