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Ghazi Triki (10) [Avatar] Offline

I have started reading this book and find it great. It made my understanding of a data streaming wider. However in the second chapter when you start talking about the "Message Queueing Tier" I found myself dropped inside something exciting but some keys are missing the open the door and have a better understanding. The missing key is the definition of a "message". I know that it is an information send from sender tier and received by a recipient tier. Probably if you can define what is a message as you talk about its queueing later in the chapter using a software.
andrew.psaltis (33) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Ghazi,
Thank you for reading the book and for pointing this out. I will make sure that this feedback is incorporated in the update to chapters 2-4 that I will be doing as soon as chapter 6 is out the door -- look for it in the next couple of weeks. Please don't hesitate to post any other feedback and/or questions as you are reading.

Thanks again for subscribing!

Ghazi Triki (10) [Avatar] Offline
I am used to ad-hoc service development and I interested in distributed systems that processes data streams. I really appreciate the efforts you have made to keep things as simple as possible by using easy to understand words. I am sure I am those concepts will have their achievement in the second part of the book. However having the definitions of the keywords is important as it makes the imagination of the whole abstract picture easier for an architect.
andrew.psaltis (33) [Avatar] Offline
Great points. Thank you for your valuable input, it is greatly appreciated!