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What's new?
We have updated the Table of Contents and have released the final 7 chapters of the book.

An important message from the Manning Team:

Several recent changes in the Windows ecosystem have affected the plan for Learn ConfigMgr 2012 in a Month of Lunches. Originally, we intended for this book to cover ConfigMgr 2012 and Windows 8. With the recent release of Windows 10 and the upcoming release of the new version of ConfigMgr, we decided it made sense to update the book as well. We're going to do that in three stages.

Here's our 3 step plan:
1. This MEAP update (v10) uses ConfigMgr 2012 with Windows 8 and includes all the chapters in the book. Be sure to download this version if you want to have a ConfigMgr2012/Windows 8 book.
2. In the next few weeks !will be updating every chapter to cover ConfigMgr 2012 with Windows 10. Once finished, we'll send those to you to download in the next MEAP update, v11, so you can have a ConfigMgr 2012/Windows 10 book (UPDATE - all of the chapters have been updated for Windows 10 with the exception of Chapters 2 and 13 as these rely upon MDT. Once MDT 2013 Update 1 is released (it's still in Preview at the moment) those chapters will be updated and the next version of the MEAP will be ready to go.
3. Finally, once Microsoft releases their new version of ConfigMgr, !will update the entire manuscript to cover that new version and Windows 10. These changes will be reflected in MEAP v12. After some final touch ups, it will be the version print customers receive.
If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know in the Author Online forum.

What's next?
We're updating the entire book to cover deploying and using ConfigMgr 2012 with Windows 10 clients.