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Hello dear authors,

We're currently adopting Docker and are happy to gain knowledge from "Docker in Practice". We have the following use case - each team member works in his/her own feature/bugfix branch. We want to schedule a CI build for each separate Pull Request created such a branch. The main problem is that this will require us to manage a lot of machines - separate server for executing the CI build, a separate machine to deploy the application that should be tested using API and UI tests and a Selenium grid to provide browsers for UI testing. Do you plan to cover my use case?
I've read that using a Kubernate cluster would be a good fit for dynamically spanning Jenkins slaves as Docker containers. Do you plan to have this covered?\
Do you plan covering container monitoring? We're looking for a way to perform automated performance tests on the application and we need to gather hardware loading reports (like cpu, memory, HDD, JVM garbage collection) for each Docker container and create an unified report of that.

Thank you very much for the hard work!
Ian Miell (17) [Avatar] Offline

Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Apologies for the delay in getting back,

Regarding your questions:

- Selenium / multiple servers

That particular use case will not be covered, but the book should give you the tools to architect a solution that works for you where you can model these servers on one host smilie

There is a Selenium in Docker technique in the book.

- Kubernetes is covered in one technique in the book. It can indeed be used to scale up across multiple hosts.

- cAdvisor will be covered in the final chapters

Kind regards,