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Before starting in to your book, I'd already set up my GitHub account and installed the software they provided, Git for Windows. When I started reading your book, though, it talks about installing msysgit, which I'd never heard of...when I looked in to it, there doesn't seem to be any clear direction posted by GitHub which should be used and for what. I do know that what I installed didn't come with Git Bash.

Would you be able to explain the differences between msysgit and Git for Windows, and why we should use that version?
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Thanks for taking a look at the book, and for posting your question.

My book says to download a Windows version of Git from this specific URL:


GitHub offers a GUI product called Git for Windows, from this URL:


Both let you use Git, but the book makes use of the software specific to the first URL. You can install both, but my book does not document how to use Git for Windows from GitHub. If you want to make use of the book, you will need to install the software from the first link URL.

msysgit is the name of another software package that allows you to compile the Git source code, which the book doesn't cover. msysgit is a separate download package, available as a link on that first URL, but it is something that you don't need.

What's confusing, I suspect, is that the URL has the word 'msysgit' in it, implying that you need this software. I may change the book to use this URL:


This URL points to msysgit, behind the scenes.
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Thanks for that info!

I'd love to know why you focus on that version specifically, what the benefits are (I get it's what the book uses; I've installed the version at msysgit.github.io so I can follow along with the book), if you're willing to share.
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Hello again!

The reason I used git gui and gitk is because they are part of the core Git distribution. These tools run on all platforms the same way, and their source code is available as part of git-core. This is not the case with the other tools out there.

I mention this rationale as well in Chapter 05. That said, the book does explore Atlassian's SourceTree and Git within Eclipse in Chapter 19.

Good luck and thanks for your follow-up!
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Thanks for that! I'm looking forward to digging in to this; I've been having a lot of fun with Git on my own already, it's almost like learning another language.
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Okay, I think I finally figured it out...the one you use in your book is "Git for Windows", which is for Git itself; the other one on GitHub is "GitHub for Windows", and includes the basics of Git as well as a GUI interface to GitHub.

Sorry; it was just bothering me why there were two totally different products seemingly for the same thing, seemingly from the same place.
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Just an Update the link provided now redirects to SCM. they now provide a Windows Client. Also Git commands work fine from PowerShell when installed per SCM instructions. Install BASH for windows as well just for the curl functionality. This is on a Windows 10 installation.