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Hi Jeremy,
First of all, i love the book! in chapter 7 when i run 'ionic setup sass' i get an error, starting with the line: 'npm ERR! install Couldn't read dependencies'. I googled in and people are saying it is for a lack of a package.json file. Do you know what the problem is? do you know if a solution?
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Does your project have a package.json file? I can see how that would cause a problem, since Ionic uses NPM to download things, and package.json needs to be there.

If it is missing, you can add it by creating the project again in a new directory, and it should generate a package.json file you can copy into the actual project. Or you can download this one https://github.com/ionic-in-action/chapter4/blob/master/package.json and just update the name for your app.