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The corrected figure for Page 112, Figure 6.6 as published here in the errata is incorrect: http://www.manning.com/mcquaid/McQuaid_GITinPractice_Err1.html

Here is the text describing the expected figure:

Figure 6.6 shows the rebased inspiration branch. It still has a single commit, but that
commit’s parent is now the latest commit on the v0.1-release branch rather than
the commit tagged v0.1. Note that GitX reflowed and recolored some of the
branches; master is now to the right of v0.1-release, and v0.1-release is now
green. This doesn’t have any significance beyond GitX trying to make the output
more readable.

The "corrected" image on the errata page doesn't display a "v0.1-release", nor does it show a branch named "inspiration".
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Thanks for this. I've fixed it in my Errata repository (https://github.com/GitInPractice/Errata) and I'll let Manning know too.