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Jonathan is working on the last bits of the security chapter. I have suggested he took a look at chapter 3 next.

I am working on the final touches of chapter 13. I thought I was going to do some writing this weekend. But I got side-tracked with some JMX management improvements I have been wanted to add to Camel for a long time.

And as such since I got knee deep in managing Camel, I am thinking about getting started on chapter 16 next, so I have the new stuff fresh in my head to put into the chapter, and also get some other bits in the Camel codebase.

However we are open for suggestion to which chapters you would like us to pick up next.
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I just handed in the complete draft of chapter 13, which is approx 42 pages.

I am happy that this time we go much much more in depth how to properly write asynchronous Camel components with all the ins and outs, and the grifts how you should structure your code to make the asynchronous routing engine work well.

Along the way we also improved hawtio to be able to show a table of all blocked threads which is something that can happen if you implement the custom code wrong. So we include some nice screenshots of both jconsole and hawtio.

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Just an update that I got started on chapter 16 yesterday. Its still a long way until we reach the goal. I will use the good parts from 1st edition and add in a lot of new content. It seems the 1st ed was about 27 pages, so I assume we will reach 40 pages or so for the 2nd edition, as there is great new management capabilities with Camel today.
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I am still working on chapter 16 and adding new content about using Jolokia with Camel, and the new Camel commands you can use from Karaf / CLI to manage remote Camel applications, and as well all the new JMX statistics on a deeper level as well.

The chapter is so far 32 pages but I think I am only 70% done, so more great stuff to be included.

Jonathan said he will take a stab at some of the earlier chapters next - chapter 2 and 3. Yeah writing chapter 1 is harder than you may think, so we defer writing that to when we are over the half way mark, just as we did in the 1st edition.

Also the formal 1/3 review procedure is ongoing now. A group of people is handing in their comments and feedback on the current material.

A new MEAP should be out later which has more chapters, I think the security, EIP and components chapters should be ready then.

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So chapter 16 is still in the works for me. However I am almost there. I have all the content I want to cover, and now need to tidy up the TODOs I have left in the documentation, and update the introduction and summary section.

The chapter is a double in size since the first edition, hitting 50+ pages now. So there is alot of great new content there.

And Manning is prepared a new MEAP soon with chapter 5 and 6 on the way.

And Jonathan got a great start on chapter 3.
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So chapter 16 is now done and to be included in the next MEAP. Chapter 3 should also be ready for MEAP as well.
And Jonathan is adding more content to chapter 14 so it can become ready, if he make it into the next MEAP update cycle.

We had the 1st round of MEAP reviews so we are also incorporating all those suggestions into these chapters.
So expect the upcoming MEAPs to include updates to all the chapters.

For my next chapter to write I am considering the rest chapter.
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I already enjoyed reading the first six published chapters.
The REST chapter would be a great next chapter to read (at least for me).
And maybe it then makes sense to continue with the chapter on ┬ÁServices
I'm really looking forward to this new chapter.
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Yeah I will start on the REST chapter next.

Currently I am editing to the transaction chapter, based on the MEAP reviews, and a few other new items to cover in this chapter.
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Do you guys already published the first 2 chapters?? in My PDF it starts from the third Chapter.
Also I hope you guys are going to include the IoT chapter . It's a need of the time..
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No the chapters are not published starting from 1, 2, 3 and so on.

The chapters get published to MEAP in the order we work on and have material ready.

For the IoT chapter we are in talks with a guest author. But nothing is set in stone yet.
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Tentative date for the book
Hi Claus, Just wanted to know the tentative date for final release of Camel In Action 2 and available in Amazon.

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The release date is listed on the manning website

In the top of that page. Its currently an estimated date.
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Again thanks for all the feedback and for the MEAP 1st round review.

I am working on the transaction chapter, adding in more details and to also cover examples that starts transaction from JDBC instead of JMS as we currently do. Also much more about setting up redelivery with ActiveMQ as there is several ways to do that.
And all the feedback from the readers makes it ways into the chapter too.

Jonathan is finishing up on the security chapter and then he is done with his chapters. He will move on to work on chapter 2 and 1 after this.

And I will take on the rest chapter, so hopefully we get each one more chapter done before we hit 2016.
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Almost done with the transaction chapter, its 53 pages now, and many more examples to cover all kind of transaction combinations with JMS and JDBC and vice-versa.
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Jonathan and I are all done with our revisions based on the MEAP feedback. Thanks a lot.

Manning is now preparing a new MEAP release that includes updates to all the chapters, and includes all 9 chapters we have ready so far.
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Yeah I had a break from writing for about 6 or more weeks - which you sometime need as writing is a tough process.

I am working on the rest/ws chapter which will be done in this quarter and thus in the next MEAP.
Jonathan is working on chapter 2.

The microservices chapter is a bit out there, with a battle between this or the testing chapter to be my next target.
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Just a little status update. This weekend I will write on chapter 10 to get as much complete, I am currently in the middle of the rest-dsl, and then a section about swagger is on the roadmap. And then finish off the chapter with chapter introduction and summary.

Jonathan is working on chapter 1, and working on changes based on some feedback.

Sorry for the delay of a MEAP update but chapters are on the way.
And btw the rest/ws chapter is a lot of content, already at around 40 pages now, and still 10-20 pages to go.
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So MEAP update 6 was out a few days ago.

It includes chapter 1.

I messed up with an upload of chapter 10, that was mistakenly uploading chapter 16 instead. So it missed the deadline. I am working on adding a section about swagger rest this weekend, then chapter 10 is done and ready for next MEAP.

Jonathan is working on chapter 2 now.
And I plan to attack the testing chapter.

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Would love to see the microservices chapter and maybe an IoT chapter as well. I currently have a Spring Camel running on a Raspberry Pi A with 256 MB and it is taking currently a quarter of the memory, so it doesn't really feel micro now smilie
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I am well into chapter 9 about testing. So far there is 50 pages and I am currently about to talk about using advice with testing. Then the last section is about using 3rd party test libraries like arquillian, pax-exam and citrus.

So with a bit of luck and hard work I will get this chapter done in 1 or 2 weeks time.
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Is there any progress on Appendix A. I am keen to set this up correctly in my IDE (IntelliJ) and structure a project correctly for Karaf/Fuse - perhaps this bit might be covered in the microservices chapter.

In the meantime, is there anything out on the web you would recommend?


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The appendix will be written towards the end. We have more important to get the actual chapters done first.

If you are using JBoss Fuse, then Red Hat have guides for using the product. You can find information from them.
They also offer JBoss Tools which is a set of Eclipse plugin for working with JBoss Fuse and other JBoss products.

If you use Eclipse / IDEA then any of them can just open a Maven pom.xml file and import that to your editor.
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And you can use the Camel maven archetypes to create a new project for different project kinds such as OSGi Blueprint.
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So the testing chapter is now 70 pages and the only work left is to cover a bit about the Citrus Integration Testing library that has great Camel support. And then tidy up the chapter introduction and a few other bits.

Depending on how busy I am with day time work, then the chapter is done by end of next week at the latest.
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Are MEAP updated published when you finish new chapters or are they time-based, e.g. once per quarter?
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Its usually timely released by Manning.

But we are getting close to a 2/3 review procedure of the material so I assume they want to get chapter 2, 9 and 10 in the next MEAP so we have all the material ready for the 2/3 review as well.

I am almost done with chapter 9, and Jonathan is well underway with chapter 2.
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I just wanted to say that I have just handed in a complete draft for chapter 19 - Camel tooling.

We are in the process with Manning to do a 2nd round MEAP review procedure, where we ask our readers / reviewers for feedback on the content we have so far.

We have complete drafts for chapter 9 and 19 that has not yet been released as MEAP so they should be on the way.

Jonathan is writing on chapter 8, and I have some traveling coming up in July and not much time for writing. But when I get back I need to get started on the microservices or cloud chapter. These two are important chapters but also "heavy" to write.
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thank for good post and sharing......