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P32 npm install express –save => npm install express --save (needs double hyphen)

P33 You state that the code listed at the top of the page is the same as that in chapter 2, but it isn't.

P33 "through one you write function" => "through one function you write"

P38 "and say "Hello, World!"." => Not so, since the code doesn't have the text "Hello, World!".

P40 "Note that this won't work if you add a slash" => Not so; it worked fine for me when I just added a slash to the URL (though adding text after the slash does cause problems).

P47 The code in listing 3.24 doesn't work. Change "content" to "body" in three places.

P55 The bulleted items "4." and "5." should not be bullet points.

P61 "If everything in were synchronous" => "If everything was synchronous"

And a couple of general points:
- There is no mention of your github source until Chapter 8. It would be better to reference it at the start of the book.
- The source code download link on Manning's web site still has obsolete code.
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Tons of good catches. I'll go back and fix all of those!

Thanks so much.