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Could you find a way to not use JPG's for the diagrams? They are really coarse, lossy and generally hard to read. Since they are solid colors, not photos, generating them as PNG's, they will still compress very well.

Ideally they should be vector diagrams and then you can use the option in the PDF generation to convert them to PNG's rather than JPGs.

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Thank you for the comment
i'll talk with the editors to see how we can improve this
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As for me, I have seldom tried to add this as direct text in the Web template and export it to the PDF. I wonder have you ever worked it out? Do I need another 3rd party manual toolkit? When it comes to PDF conversion process, I have another question, I wonder have you ever tried to convert pdf to other image files before? As for myself, I am testing the related
PDF to PNG converting , PDF to BMP converting , and PDF to JPG converting programs these days. Do you have experience about it? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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