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James Bannan (21) [Avatar] Offline
To say that this book has taken me too long to write would be an understatement of mammoth proportions. It's not like I'm Harper Lee, or anything.

So first, let me start by making a heartfelt apology to all the readers. It has taken me far too long to get to this point, and my lack of communication (whilst unintentional) has been totally unfair on you all. For all the readers who are still here with me - thank's more than I deserve.

Learn Configuration Manager 2012 R2 is the first book I've written. When I started, my editor at Manning gave me some great advice - that writing a book was a marathon, and not a series of sprints. It's taken me too long to understand the implications of that advice.

From a personal perspective, from the time I signed up with Manning to write the book, my life has undergone huge changes, and every time I got a moment's breathing space, something else happened to derail my concentration. Experienced authors know how to deal with life and still produce quality content on time, but this is something I have been struggling to do.

So....what now?

Well - Manning have continued to support me no matter what, so I owe them a massive thank you. We agreed that the best thing to do would be reinvigorate the content to ensure that when the book is released, the content is still relevant to what's happening in Configuration Manager space. So, the book according to the original MEAP is just about complete. Literally - I'm working on the final chapters as I write this. Once done, my first job is to go back across the content and update the whole thing to cover the next version of Configuration Manager, with a particular emphasis on deploying and managing Windows 10 rather than Windows 8.1. I will also take all PowerShell code and create a public Git repository so that you can access and refer to the code much more easily, as well as make your own changes as required.

I understand that for some of you, this will be too little, too late, and for that I am truly sorry. I hope that we will be able to work together on future projects. Also, please don't let your experiences with this book colour your relationship with Manning, who have been nothing but professional and courteous with me throughout the whole process (even when they've been tempted not to be...).

So the MEAP is nearly complete, and you will automatically be updated with content for the next version of Configuration Manager and Windows 10. If anyone has any questions on any of this (or simply want to smack me around the head for taking too long), you're all welcome to contact me at

Thanks again to everyone.

James Bannan
JVinterberg (15) [Avatar] Offline
Dear James,

Thank you for the short explanation and status update. I am looking forward to see the book come to an end, and are likewise happy about the decision about to update it, as we all know things have changed since the MEAP started.
Writing a book is a commitment that not all are able to deal with, luckily for us the readers and You Manning seem to be a company that stands by the authors on that commitment, so no hard feelings or slapping from me, just happy to see it come through.

Should you endeavor into writing another book, i do suggest that no matter what obstacle you find during the process, be open in the community around it. Manning have the sandbox/forum for the book, use it, shout out to us who is supporting your project (since we prepaid for the book), check the forum on a regular basis and if you are not able to reply to every single post, involve someone who is, that being staff from Manning or even active members of the forum, a dead forum with no response from author or publisher is a no go for all parties.

Just my two cents on this topic, even though we do not use cents where i am living smilie

So Congratulations on the near finish of your book.
Best regards
Jan Vinterberg
James Bannan (21) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Jan - thanks very much for the kind response. You are, of course, perfectly correct about community engagement. It's easy to lose sight of that when everything is done online.

Thanks again for the support.

All the best,