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This book will cover also the next version of rx (3.0)?
I have heard of next version of rx in this conference "Cloud-Scale Event Processing with the Reactive Extensions (Rx) - Bart De Smet" https://goo.gl/5WfnfE

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Hi Fabio,

Thank you for asking
the Rx team hasn't published any specific details yet (timeline or featureset)
i'm really excited about the next version and constantly tracking the issue
i really hope that we could write about v3.0
i promise to do my best

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here the official announcement

Can you ask to the manteiner the chanded between rx2 and rx3 and i hope in a dedicated chapter smilie

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Hi Fabio
Yes, these are very exciting news.
Currently, V3.0 focus is on compatability with .NET Core and bug fixes.
The only breakinh change is the Nuget packages rename.
As new stuff appear i'll try to adapt the book. but i'm in a race with the release date so i hope i could make all the needed changes fast enough.