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Bear with me, I'm currently just starting Chapter 5, so I haven't gotten through the whole book yet, but here are a few snags I've encountered about file structure so far:

In Section 3.2 you suggest that you can do html/js name pairs, but don't specify whether that's something that Meteor will automatically understand or whether it's something we need to specify in the router or html or whatnot. Also, if it is automatic, does this apply to corresponding .css files too? You also mention "we covered the /public folder in Chapter 2", and I would have found it helpful if you had also mentioned the specific subsection (2.3.2), as I didn't find that until just now.

In Section 4.4 you mention that you should keep Collection definitions in dedicated source files, but don't specify how to tell Meteor to load them when they're needed, or whether that's automatic. You say the same thing about global template helpers in Section 3.3.4 in a similarly cryptic manner.

In Section 4.2 all of a sudden we have a file structure containing client, collections, and server folders. You have the following text: "We’ll have code that should only be executed on the client. This goes into client/client.js. All templates will be put inside client/templates.html. Code that’s only executed on the server goes into server/server.js, and collections will be stored in collections/houses.js because they should be available on both client and server." I didn't realize until just now when I found it in Chapter 11 that naming the folders in this way automatically tells Meteor what is what. I thought maybe you were just being dogmatic, and was thoroughly mystified about how to actually tell Meteor that we have chosen this file structure.

Thanks for the read so far, though. It's definitely been worth the read so far.
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Granted, what goes where is one of the most confusing aspects of Meteor. It's tough to decide what to introduce when without overwhelming the reader. I guess in your case we could have improved with some clear callouts that clearly refer to the part of the book where we discuss structure. I'll see whether we can still get any updates into the prints - we're getting really close to finish now.

Either way, thanks a ton for your feedback!