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Is there a SaaS to register errors like 'New Relic' or Crashlytics ?

I would like to know which kind of App errors have been experienced the end users.

I saw this plugin org.apache.cordova.crashlytics, Somebody has some experience with that ?

Thank you in advanced!

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Since Ionic apps are just web applications inside of a mobile app, you'd be able to use those tools even without a Cordova plugin. I'm not sure what additional integration you'd get from a plugin, but one of those existing services should give you feedback.

The only caveats I see are:

1) These services likely assume a data connection is available to send data. This would mean only if the user was online would the data be sent, unless there is some offline support or a queue that would get sent the next time it was online.
2) The errors are still only the ones captured in JavaScript, which might not report everything that goes wrong. Cordova plugins could cause errors that don't throw JavaScript errors, so you probably can't expect it to capture everything.

I'd be curious what your experience are if you try them out, I haven't used any of them for a mobile app before so it would be great to hear how well it works.

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Hi Jeremy,

To Analytics I could setup Mixpanel and Ionic-Analytics both are functions very well.

Follow the modules:
1. Mixpanel:
2. Ionic Analytics :

Both are working with the same concepts to Analytics (Events, Funnels, Segments, Retention, etc.) and I recommend 'Ionic Analytics', because You could tag in ion tags and your source code is quite clean.