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echeadle (87) [Avatar] Offline
There is no Dockerfile example tor Technique 7.1.1 I think each technique should provide an example Dockerfile. This will make each Technique stand on it's own. On the other hand maybe it would be as good or better to give specific Technique numbers so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. If there is a technique that downloads and compiles code, if you point the reader to it then you don't have to go over the same points again.

This would save the reader time and allow someone to use the book in a variety of ways. Start to finish or they could dip in and solve a particular issue they are having.
Ian Miell (17) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the feedback.

I think you're right in that a specific example is required.

We'll have a think about your suggestion about a Dockerfile per technique.

Hope you're enjoying the book!

echeadle (87) [Avatar] Offline
I am enjoying the book.

I was thinking about the Dockerfile per Technique suggestion I made. You have a lot of techniques in the book, and maybe some don't require a Dockerfile. Certainly in those instances that do make a change in the Dockerfile it would be nice to have it, but to replicate an entire file for a change of a line or two that might waste space. In that case maybe the example, if it is a statement in a Dockerfile, then a snip-it to show the correct syntax. If it is not something that goes in the Dockerfile, then there would not be an example.

Also if you have covered something in a previous technique, like compiling code, a reference to it would be helpful. That is what editors are for, isn't it? smilie

I do like the book and look forward to the next chapters.
Ian Miell (17) [Avatar] Offline
Great to hear you're enjoying the book.

You may have seen text like "LINK-TODO" in the text - this is where we plan to wire everything together at the end, as material is still moving around and being rewritten smilie

We plan to go over the whole book looking for more of these links, but if you have specific points where you think a reference would be useful please do let us know and we'll make a note of it.