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I just looked over chapter 3.4 on logarithmic plots, and like it allot.

However, I would suggest that you include a discussion in minor-ticks on log scales.

I spent some time figuring out what is best practice, and my conclusion was that this is a very hard question with no clear answer specially if one can not fit 9 minor tick marks.

Furthermore, at least 4.xx version of gnuplot have rather strange defaults on this matter (maybe version 5 is better, I did not find time to investigate this).

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Tic marks are explained in chapter 8 on "Axes", specifically section 8.3.4.
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My comment was not really regarding how to change minor ticks
but about where to put them on logaritmic axis.

On figure 3.4 you have added labels to some of the minor-ticks,
but I still think the subject could do with a short discussion when
you are providing a nice introduction to logaritmic plots.

I discussed this sometime ago on the gnuplot mailing list

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I read through that email thread. There is little to add to it,
isn't there? What good would it do to document a feature in
detail which is not only known to be broken, but to which no
solutions seems to be conceivable?

Operationally, there is a solution for any practical problem
you may encounter: forget automatic placement of tic marks,
and set them individually, using "set _tics add ...". This does
also work for minor tic marks (check ch08 for the syntax).

I think the problem here is not a lack of documentation, and
not even a buggy implementation, but the absence of a convincing
strategy for the design of a general configuration mechanism for
the automatic generation of tic marks in log plots. Note: not the
auto-generation of tic marks is the problem, but the configuration
of the auto-generation.