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I've decided to write a short blog-type post every week here on this forum. These posts are exclusive to this forum, and they will primarily be about the writing of the book.

The indexer submitted the last chapter a few days ago. I anticipate the next phase of the production process to start next week. The anticipated July release will likely be missed, but progress has been steady, so I'm not too worried.

The indexer used the standard Microsoft Word indexing capabilities, but when I opened the files that they've submitted, it wasn't readily apparent how to see the indexed items.

Fumbling around, I observed that the "Show Paragraph Marks" toggle will reveal the "index entries" (marked with an XE) in the text.


Once I reread the MS Word help, I saw the contents of each chapter's index by inserting the index at the end. (In the picture below, the index is highlighted in gray.)


If I wrote the manuscript using something other than MS Word, I'd have to handle the indexing by myself, so I'm glad for their help!

Thanks everyone for reading. There won't be a BLOG next week, due to Independence Day (US Holiday). See everyone next time.