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Please share post-publication errors in this folder. We'll compile and publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

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I found a typo on page 141. In one of the annotations for Figure 6.8 (the one on the top right), it reads "tunning" instead "tuning". I also wanted to use this opportunity to tell you that this is a great book and an invaluable resource for my daily work.

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Errata - Listing 4.5
In the 4.5 Listing in the book the Spout is changed from extending BaseBasicBolt to BaseRichBolt

I'm using storm snapshot 0.11 so i do not know if the issues I found are just with this version:

The listing states:
public void execute(Tuple tuple,
BasicOutputCollector outputCollector)

should be:

public void execute(Tuple tuple)

As the OutputCollector was already provided in the prepare()

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Page 52, Listing 3.8.

The build method should be static if invoked like in Listing 3.9:
public static StormTopology build(){...}