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GDW62 (94) [Avatar] Offline
So I purchased the MEAP for this book on June 24, 2009 (whoops...that was actually only 4 years & 359 days ago) knowing that MEAP release dates are just estimates and can be unpredictable. I believe that Groovy 1.6.3 had just been released at that time.

A few days ago I receive a message from UPS that I will be receiving a package from Edwards Brothers Malloy. Not remembering ordering anything from them, I decided that it would just be a (hopefully) pleasant surprise when it arrives. Lo and behold, I was quite surprised to receive GiA-2E which I had long ago forgotten about.

I wonder if there are enough cool new features in v2.4 to entice me to start using Groovy again. for thought.

BTW, after ~25-30 previous Manning book purchases, I haven't purchased anything from them in over 3 years because the waits started to become so ridiculous (on this and other books I purchased). They do have the cool covers going for them though.
tead (7) [Avatar] Offline
Not surprisingly, we’ve gotten several comments from MEAP readers about the unusually long time this book required to publish. The authors faced the daunting challenge of writing the book at the same time they were making major changes to Groovy itself. In retrospect, we may have chosen a good time to start the second edition. On the positive side, MEAP readers who purchased this book shortly after we launched it got to see the open source development process unfold in real time.

This book holds the record for the longest time in MEAP, although the first edition of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja is a close second. It’s never our intention to move this slowly, and most MEAPs publish in 9-12 months from their initial launch date. Just a reminder, if you’re dissatisfied with a book you’ve purchased in MEAP, you can exchange it for another one. (Check out the MEAP FAQ [] for details.)

We hope the book, which covers Groovy 2.4, was worth the wait. As always, thanks for being a loyal Manning customer.

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