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chrismalan (38) [Avatar] Offline
The code examples are tagged with hash tags (#1, #2, #A, #B, etc.) which are later used to explain the code tagged. Sometimes the code fills a page or more and has many tags. One then has to go back from the explanation to the relevant tag to see the code being explained. This is a huge hassle, especially on mobile devices, even one with a big screen like my 10.1 inch Android device. It would be far better if the explanation is with the relevant code. The explanations are usually short. This will really aid readability.
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline

I'm not quite sure whether you refer to the final version.
Code annotations are usually set right into the code.
The exception are cueballs that need more text to describe than what would fit inside the code.

thanks for posting
chrismalan (38) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Dierk,

I meant the code examples in the text of the book. It was just before the final version. It's very bothersome to read the code without explanations and then later to find the explanations in the annotations (#1, #2, #A, #B, etc.) and have to go back to previous screens on the tablet to see what the explanation explains. Computers can jump about like that, but humans don't like it.
Mittie (397) [Avatar] Offline
Ok, this is the always the case before the final version because putting those annotations in the code is a manual step in the typesetting process.

Do you have a final version and is that ok?

Thanks for posting
chrismalan (38) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Dierk,

Yes, I've downloaded the final version, but did not look at it. I did now. It's as you say, there is a short explanation with the number tag of that part of the code. It's much better. Had I known it would be in the final version, I would not have mentioned it.