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milhouse (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Jeremy,
I am very interesting learning Ionic. I have a some general questions:

- Which version of Ionic is covered in the book, 1.0.0?

- If Ionic team releases a new version, will the book be updated? A new revision? Or there will be no other revision until Ionic 2?

- Any comments in the book about building in different platforms rather than android and ios? windows and wp8 are in the roadmap, although not fully supported.

- After all your work with Ionic team, is 'Ionic in Acticion' the official book for Ionic?

Thank you.
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline

The book covers Ionic 1.0, and that means that everything in this book should remain applicable to developing Ionic apps. The Ionic team has said they will strive to maintain backwards compatibility for everything it may add in any future releases. This book already does not cover every single detail in Ionic (I tried to do that, it got boring and read like documentation), so any additional features are not going to be added to the book (since it will be in print, its hard to update). You can follow the Ionic in Action blog for some additional tips and insights into new features, though the Ionic blog also provides pretty good coverage for that as well. It is too early at this point to talk about Ionic 2.0 and a second edition, but there is certainly the possibility. There are a lot of moving pieces before Ionic 2.0 would materialize (such as Angular 2.0 which has no definite timeline right now), so I hope you can understand there is no guarantees at the moment what may be done in the future.

I don't cover windows phone or firefox OS platforms in the book, mostly because they aren't currently supported and I don't want to print a book that contains information that may change. However, there are some folks on the forum who can always help with those platforms and particularly windows phone is likely to be supported (and may work just fine already depending on the components you use in your app). However, ultimately Ionic takes away the need to worry about specific platforms for the most part, excluding the build requirements for individual platforms (such as you need Windows to build for Windows Phone I believe). The book does not provide many 'platform specific' details, because Ionic is intended to free you from 'platform specific' details. It does cover some techniques for targeting a platform type, or adapting the app to different platforms.

As far as 'official' or not, the book is listed on the Ionic website as 'The Ionic Book'. I was the first to begin writing an Ionic book, and this will be the first to be published (excluding one self published book). However, Ionic will certainly have other books written and it is in their best interest to have many books available. I've worked with the Ionic team for the past year on the book, so it is pretty official, though certainly not the only.