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Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
Please share your post-publication errors in this folder. We'll publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
364767 (1) [Avatar] Offline
On page xvi under Source code downloads, the following URL is a 404 error:
368699 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Section 4.3 on page 117, at the end of the 1st paragraph and thereafter:
The function name d3.scale.quartile() is mispelled. The correct name should be d3.scale.quantile(), referring to the statistical quantile function.
368699 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Section 4.3 (starting on page 117) seems to be disorganized:
- Listing 4.3 on page 118 wasn't mentioned until two page later on page 120
- The code snippet in the middle of page 121 didn't have a listing label or it got separated from Listing 4.4 on page 120
- Listing 4.5 is nowhere mentioned in the text
- Figure 4.15 on page 122 is placed in the middle of Listing 4.5
vladiim (2) [Avatar] Offline
Section 3.2.1

The on click code didn't work for me
.on("click", buttonClick)

Instead I needed to use
.on('click', function(dataPoint) {buttonClick(dataPoint);})
386069 (1) [Avatar] Offline

I am new to D3 and I am following this book.
I am at chapter 9 and have been trying the examples. However, the examples don't work and even the source codes given with the book do not work. They produce empty screens.
Can you help please ?

Thank you
366084 (1) [Avatar] Offline

I had the same error. The problem is the function canvasSize. clientWidth/Height always return 0. As a workaround I have utilized jQuery and replaced




The same to get the width.

It's not really a solution, but it helps to continue developing.

Best regards.
kirwi (1) [Avatar] Offline
p. 59, ch. 2.2.1 under the sub-section on .enter() and .exit():

The example is binding a data array, "incomingData" to non-existent DOM elements "div.cities". It claims the array has 8 values which means the .enter() call should "fire" 8 times, not 4 as claimed in the text.
405748 (5) [Avatar] Offline
Trouble with Listing 1.2 - page 19
NEVER MIND! I figured it out. One little code mistake.

405748 (5) [Avatar] Offline
I have an outstanding request for assistance

Hi Susan - I could really use help with the problem I am having loading data - see forum item on section 2.2.1 submitted yesterday. Your
help appreciated, thanks.
Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
I'm the wrong person to ask for technical advice on the book's subject. smilie I'm sorry I can't be more helpful!
383912 (6) [Avatar] Offline
When will a comprehensive list of errata be available?
Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
The authors supply us with a list that we publish -- it's up to the authors.

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
eviltoylet (1) [Avatar] Offline
1.3.2 [p. 18] - "You should see the effect shown in figure 1.16". The code snippet provided right above does not correspond to the figure shown in 1.16.
1.3.3 [p. 21] - "SVG óprovides a set of common shapes"
384686 (11) [Avatar] Offline
p. 49 listing 2.2 line 18

"retweets: [],"favorites": []},

There should be a close quote after retweets.
444220 (1) [Avatar] Offline
On page 80, Listing 3.3, the annotation says
Loads the data and runs createSoccerViz with the loaded data
It should instead say
Loads the data and runs overallTeamViz with the loaded data