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Although the url's for works fine with chrome 64

Using postman and POST it works (That is the message sent will appear). but returns this

<title>405 Method Not Allowed</title>
<h1>405 Method Not Allowed</h1>

  • Code: MethodNotAllowed

  • Message: The specified method is not allowed against this resource.

  • Method: POST

  • ResourceType: OBJECT

  • RequestId: 2FAA5367699D2D31

  • HostId: 8fp3TjDMxghzK6NrUJIxo+wNct3id5MZQV3dAup+MB7PSsCifhvITLdiW1xd3J8VnIEaZAETbqo=


and using IE64 you get

Do you want to open save content (57 bytes) from

and if you try to save it says content (1) couldn't be downloaded

Is this expected ?
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Hi there,

First: sorry for the slow reply!

Then: the resource you want to update is
as /display is an aggregate of several resources.

So you can use Postman to POST to: with a JSON payload such as: {"value": "Hello World!"}
This is basically what we do in Listing 2.6 but directly in Javascript.

Having said that your question makes it clear that it wasn't clear enough smilie So we modified the text to mention exactly what to do.

As for the IE behavior we could not reproduce it, we tried with IE8 and it did work. Which version of IE do you use? If I understand well the problem appears when browsing the: page right?

Thanks a lot!