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Regarding figure 2.12, in version 0.8, I may be mistaken but it seem's like the color to represent the Male survivor ratio is incorrect?

extract : Therefore, the “female” rectangle is split by a horizontal line into two sub-rectangles that contain 74%/26% of the area of the rectangle. The same is repeated for the “male” rectangle (for males the breakdown is 19%/81%).

The percentages above are represented as (survived/died), so for female ratio, 74% survived and are shown in blue, if we follow the same approach, then only 19% Male survived and thus the blue box should be actually red?

Please confirm.

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In this case, color coding does not indicate the response variable (survived / died), but rather it shows the deviation from the expected value, given statistical independence, of the categorical variable (male / female).

Males who died and females who survived are both coded blue because they occur with greater frequency than one would expect if they were independent.