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Maybe it is not the right place to ask this here and maybe it is a little bit of a naive question in the eye of an experienced software developer but do you think that Meteor is a good framework to try to code a shop system in? I mean not in the scale of amazon but a shop with a shopping cart and some kind of resource management (like inventory and production parts) and some kind of warehouse management and some kind of document management (for invoices and such)? Would it be a good idea to try this in a reactive environment like Meteor or do you think that Ruby and Rails is a better fit for such a task?
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Personally, I am not an expert in e-commerce. But Sara Hicks and Aaron Judd are, and they see Meteor as the perfect fit for building a modern e-commerce platform. They started Ongoworks and Reaction Commerce (see ongoworks.com) and published several packages for Meteor. That said, they are even quoted in chapter 1 of Meteor in Action smilie

Anyway - for building shopping carts and doing promotions and target individual customer needs proactively, the reactive nature of Meteor appears to be a major benefit. Try out your own shop at https://reactioncommerce.com. Best of all, Reaction Commerce is an open source product, so you can even look at its code.