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Mocking class work fine with spock 1.0.

I have a project which run with spock 0.7-groovy-2.0, because I have to ust arquillian and for now arquillian can't work with spoke 1.0.

When I run the test, every things work until I use Mock(). according this bug (https://jira.grails.org/browse/GRAILS-11535) I have to use cache 1.1.6 insted of cache 1.1.7.

How can I do it with my pom.xml. please.

Thanks you.
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It is not clear to me if your problem is with Spock, spock-arquillian, grails, maven or the cache plugin.

The fix mentioned in the link you posted is about Gradle and Grails.
However you have posted a Maven POM file. Do you actually use Grails with Maven?

Can you post your Spock test and the exception you get?

By the way the creator of Spock-arquillian says that he will fix compatibility with Spock 1.0 in the coming days. So perhaps you must be
a little patient and then update to Spock 1.0 as well when that is possible.