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This sample from the book bombs in IE11 when I hover the mouse over a circle: .

function highlightRegion(d,i) {
 var teamColor = d3.rgb("pink")"text").classed("highlight", true).attr("y", 10)
 d3.selectAll("g.overallG").select("circle").style("fill", function(p) {return p.region == d.region ? teamColor.darker(.75) : teamColor.brighter(.5)})


The line that fails is this: this.parentElement.appendChild(this);

parentElement is null in IE 11.

Is there a workaround to get it working in IE 11?

I posted the message here:, but I haven't gotten any answer. So I decided to post the question here to the author.


PS. Please note that I'm reading and following your book samples via the safari o'reilly subscription.

Update: I updated the post, I fixed the link to the sample. it seems that the . (dot) was part of the link and it didn't work. Also, to see the error you may have to enable F12.