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I was looking for nginx with meteor so that static contents could be served and cached, and i came across passenger (https://github.com/phusion/passenger/wiki/Phusion-Passenger:-Meteor-tutorial).

Any possibility to include it or in another book?
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Passenger will not make it into this book, but it certainly looks interesting from the first experiments I did with it. Since personally I am going down a Docker/Meteor cluster/HAProxy workflow for the next project it will be a while before I can take a closer look at Passenger.
Perhaps Manning is interested in a book on Passenger - or possibly even a broader scope of devops related options for going into production. I think such a general book is sorely missing from the shelves today, but I am not sure if there is enough demand for a book that covers various deployment options and compares them. Seems more targeted at CTOs than most developers...
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Thanks for the insights. The web technologies keep on improving and some technologies come and go. I agree that only CTO or system architects care about which way to go.