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Irl and Mike here to answer any questions. Looking forward to talking with everyone.

Best, Irl
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so far this book is great!!!!!

request: if possible please eliminate the "smart quotes" from the code examples
like on page 44
<img src=”images/logo.png” />

see how the quotes are not straight up and down -- if you copy and paste that code (yes some of us ARE that lazy)
it doesn't work.
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Absolutely. I really appreciate the feedback.

Best, Irl
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I'll also work on logging in before posting a response smilie.
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I just wanted to say thanks for taking the effort to document all of this in such an easily digestible way. It's helped me a lot, not only with sails but with just general concepts and ideas too.

Sails is awesome and this book is an extremely useful resource in terms of getting started with it! Thank you!!