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ForumJason (8) [Avatar] Offline
Quick question: how does this book relate to others in the field, specifically Working Effectively with Legacy Code (Michael Feathers)?
331674 (2) [Avatar] Offline
331674 (2) [Avatar] Offline
A pretty steep price, I guess they are aware of how desperate we maintainers are

And yet we are the ones that get paid the least, couldn't you show some compassion? smilie
chris.birchall (13) [Avatar] Offline
Short answer: you should buy both my book and the Feathers book smilie

Long answer: Other books such as Refactoring by Martin Fowler or Working Effectively with Legacy Code tend to focus heavily on code and tests. This book, on the other hand, takes a step back and attempts to tackle the problem of legacy at a broader level. I do talk about code, refactoring and testing, but I also discuss a wide range of issues that tend to be missed in other books, e.g. the rewrite vs refactor decision, doing a Big Rewrite, re-architecting a monolith into multiple services, infrastructure automation of legacy apps, etc.
Dougster (1) [Avatar] Offline
Well, I'm almost done with the MEAP, so I figured I stick in my 2 cents...

As it stands, what I've read really seems like just a series of devops blog posts mentioning cool tools (Jenkins, FindBugs, PMD, Fluentd, Logstash, Vagrant), references to other books (Fowler, Kerievsky), and anecdotes about how you couldn't really convince the Site team to do pair programming, and how you slowed your iconoclast self down with code reviews. While I found some nuggets in chapters four and five and maybe six, section 4.1.5 in particular just seemed to be a gratuitous advertisement for another Manning book.

The latest update said the manuscript was complete. So, does that mean that the 208 pages I have are the entire thing? The book information page estimates 380 pages. I was expecting more than what I have now. I'm glad I got this with a 50% off coupon; if I had paid the full $65, I would be even more disappointed.
ForumJason (8) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the response! I've just gotten a little time to review the book again, so far looks like a good collection of modern development tools and techniques.

For those looking for better pricing -- I highly recommend supplementing with Safari Books Online for non-MEAP. I'm not affiliated with them, I just like to read a lot.

Hopefully I can peruse the whole book now that the holidays are over. smilie