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Just a quick note - since we are content complete now and only polish things as we get closer to the final production stages we are cleaning up the GitHub repos. That means the existing ones will be marked as deprecated and deleted in a couple of days when the freshly set up repos are done.
This means all your issues, stars, bookmarks and what else will be gone.

The new GitHub repos will also not use branches to structure code by chapter sections, they will only use tags for the beginning of a chapter and each listing. See chapter 8 as an example:
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All GitHub repositories are updated now, the previous ones are renamed as deprecated-*. Please note that several repos have been enhanced in terms of functionality. For the time being MEAPv9 and the repos will be out of sync, but all chapter texts and listings have been aligned with the code present. I expect the next MEAP version to restore balance to the universe by aligning the book contents with the repos.