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I have implemented a couple projects with DDD and Akka separately. Your book comes at the right moment for me as I really like to combine the two in my next project. It is a interesting read so far as you explain things very clearly. However, I found this statement in 4.2.1 hard to understand:

We also contend that modeling out the domain independent of actors, and then
wrapping that domain within the actor is a waste of time, because we consider actors
an extension of either Scala or Java, and as such we assume there will be no other
implementation of aircraft in this architecture. This is something we are willing to live
with and bears mentioning, but follow your own heart and do what feels right in your
own designs.

Could you add some elaborations here?

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Some people think implementing your domain as an actor is an implementation choice/detail. I consider Akka actors as much a part of the Scala language as anything else, including classes and traits. I have not seen much value in implementing my domains as a trait and wrapping them in an actor. I feel it is a pointless exercise but again, just my opinion.