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Magnitus (70) [Avatar] Offline
Currently reading the book and I've hit one of those "the author assumes I inferred more about the topic than I did" moments.

In section 3.3.2, the book is talking about multiple scopes using prototypical inheritance. I'd really like to see an example that illustrates how this occurs order to better visualize it and further my understanding of scopes. Up to this point, as far as I can tell, we've only dealt with one layer of scopes in controllers.

Also, in section 3.3.3 (probably ties back to my incomplete understanding in the previous section), a example of events going upwards or downwards in the scope hierarchy would go a long way toward furthering the readers' understanding.

Lukas Ruebbelke (107) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Magnitus --

Excellent request! So the balancing act was to keep the book moving in a forward direction without getting pulled into a million different directions. With that said! I will address these requests on my blog and then link to them in a resources section in the companion website for the book

The book is almost complete and all of these additional resources will be in place by then. Thanks!