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Am just starting the book and downloaded the code as I thought it might help myself answer questions about the camera store widget. However, I don't see all the code that is shown in the book, such as Listing 2.3 on page 35. Am I blind? What I am wondering to myself is where this function loadScript (page 35) would go. Would it be within the Stork namespace? Or global namespace?? Thought a complete example of the camera example would of shown that functions use, is there a complete listing in the download. Anyways, looking forward to rest of the book. Thank you
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I agree with 50555. The code examples are presented in a way that makes them really hard to know where to place them. Half the time I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be working with the include snippet, widget.js, or some other unnamed js file. I understand you're showing multiple ways of developing 3rd Party JS, but a complete example of the Stork project (best practices) would be great to reference. Even several complete examples of the Stork project, each using one of the different practices you outline would be helpful.