Junfeng (10) [Avatar] Offline
Just finished the third chapter. Some problems, thanks!

1. Error in Page 55. Should be <div class="type-bar">{{story.type}}</div>, not <div class="type-bar {{story.type}}"></div>
2. Could not find the definitions and implementations


3. Is that possible to have a workable Angello App for each chapter? So we know by end of each chapter, what can we build?

Lukas Ruebbelke (107) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for pointing those out!

Have you checked the repo for the latest? https://github.com/angularjs-in-action/angello

There is a branch specific to CH3 but from Ch 4 on everything is pretty much independent of each other so I left it in one branch i.e. directives, form validation, animations, etc.