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i've now referenced Ionic, v1.0.0-rc.0 (mine was rc 1) from your online code but still some of the badges in the bitcoin app dont show in my copy of the code

any help ?

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Could you give me some more detail? What is the code exactly that you are having trouble with?

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Listing 5.14 detail.html, as u see only the 24hr volume shows the badge, rest show the text in the badge colour instead of the badge. Also it is better to include the cdn instead of the local js and css files?
One last thing, what do you do to avoid the cache issue, the all changes reflect in chrome (albeit 9 out of 10 times) but having issues with Ionic View, clear app data also doesnt seem to help so doesnt deleting the app completely.
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The badges are correct, I think you are talking about the bitcoin currency symbol (the B with two lines through it). Only the 24 hour volume metric is a bitcoin value, the other values are in EUR. I didn't have icons for all of the currencies so I left it out.

The "Last" line should be darker text, I'm not sure why that is happening for you without some clarity on what your code is. Have you tried to just checkout the exact code I'm using from GitHub and see if it appears the same or have you copied from the PDF?

I haven't had trouble with caching, though I use Chrome's developer tools and disable the cache when it is open. However, when you use Ionic's livereload feature files are pushed and reloaded for you. When you do this in an app, again use the Ionic livereload feature when you "emulate" or "run" the app on a device, to get it to reload for you. Otherwise you have to rebuild the app to see changes, and this is slow.

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Also I like to include the files in the app instead of linking to a CDN. Since you are installing an app on the device, it will be fastest to have all of the files right on the device. You may choose to load the files from an external source, perhaps if you want to be able to change some parts of your app without updating the app through the App Store/Play Store (since it would download the latest copy on use, but it requires internet!).
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Hi Jeremy,

thanks for the reply.
I think you didnt see the image, none of the badges except the 24h volume show up, in the case of the Bid badge its red in colour but in my code it shows no background colour instead the text is in red.
I know its not such a pressing issue just some css references and i 'm sure you have other important code related queries to answer to smilie

anyway thanks for the reply about caching and including js and css files.
I'd like to again say this, this book is like a lifer, i've been trying to get a grip over Ionic for some time now but your approach is the best and know so much more now about how to achieve future goals.

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Here is the badge documentation (note they really don't make it known or obvious).

I took the example and updated to rc1 (it was using rc0) and still don't have the problem. I need to see some code to know how to further assist here. It seems like you have a typo somewhere in your markup or css that could be causing this. I don't think it is an Ionic version issue. You could also copy the entire detail.html file from github to ensure it is as expected.

I'm glad you are enjoying the book, and please let me know if you have any other questions!